What do you mean, your baby won't eat??

This blog is new to me, but I think it will help explain a little more about what is going on day to day at our house for our friends and family. Each day is not only a new challenge, but also a gift. While it may seem at times to be only struggles, much progress has been made and we are excited to see how our little one (and big ones) excel in the future.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's so nice that some things only come around once a year...

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San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Today.... It was "Family Fun Day" - we took the family and it was fun, lol, but now I am TIRED and we are BROKE!

2 All You Can Ride Wrist Bands
4 Admission Tickets
1 Parking Pass
1 Small Diet Coke
1 Large Lemonade
1 Ribbon Potato Skewer
1 Bag of Cotton Candy
1 Snow Cone
1 Candy Apple
1 Funnel Cake
2 Small Cokes
1 Large Coke
1 Lemonade Refill
3 Midway Games for the baby since she was too short to ride...
3 Rounds of the hubby trying to break bottles with baseballs
$ 130 and a car full of tired, hot, cranky people!

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