What do you mean, your baby won't eat??

This blog is new to me, but I think it will help explain a little more about what is going on day to day at our house for our friends and family. Each day is not only a new challenge, but also a gift. While it may seem at times to be only struggles, much progress has been made and we are excited to see how our little one (and big ones) excel in the future.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Since I haven't done this in 6 months...

I thought I would update everyone on what has been going on with our family, since it's been six months since I have updated our blog.

I cannot believe my little one is almost two years old already. Wow, time really does fly! She is doing much better with her eating as far as texture aversions and vomiting goes. She no longer gags when she doesn't like the texture of a food, and seems to be much more open to trying new things. We have come a long way with her, so far, and are looking forward to the day when this is just a distant memory! She has overcome the issues of choking, aspirating, and vomiting. We are obviously very happy about this, because it was a huge stress for us. Very messy, as well as a health concern - we were constantly fretting about aspiration pneumonia. We would like to see her appetite increase. She eats very little amounts of food at a time and is extremely picky. We bombarded her with fatty junk foods, like I swore I never would, so that she would gain weight since she was so small, and because of this she now never wants to eat "real food." We continue to work with a Speech Pathologist that comes to our home once a week to help her with her eating and swallowing. Despite eating only tablespoons of food a day, she is growing and developing very well, so I am trying to relax about the issue. Trying is the operative word. I am a work in progress.

We had a great summer. My stepchildren stayed with us for the majority of the time and we enjoyed the quality time we got to spend with them. We went on a much too short vacation to Padre Island, which everyone enjoyed. The big kids love the ocean and playing in the waves, and the little one had a great time playing in the sand and chasing seagulls (or "Birds!" as she kept yelling). We stayed in a great condo directly on the beach, and cannot wait to return next year!

The older children played summer sports for the YMCA (soccer and volleyball) and the little one took her first swimming lessons. She can kick really well and move her arms, but hasn't quite mastered going in the direction she desires. Her daddy and I took her for a night swim at home last night and she had a great time. When I turned on the purple pool lights, she says "How amazing!" She is talking more and more each day and says things that are very funny, and some that are not so funny! The big kids are back in school and we are trying to get back to our normal routine.

I will post again soon, and promise not to wait six months!

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